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Scott Washburn

Scott Washburn

Thank you for your support to an organization that is so near and dear to me. The funds raised from this event are more important than ever as we continue the fight to eliminate HIV/AIDS and the need for an event like this, but until then, we need to remain strong and fight the increasing spread of this disease. Get tested and know your status. Join us physically or virtually April 7th. Your generosity is very much appreciated! Thanks from the bottom of my heart!


raised of $27,500 goal

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1. KNKelsie Nygren
We’re #1!! ✌🏼
2. SLSarah Lobley
3. BMBonnie MacKenzie
4. OPOwen Parry
All the best Scott! Jennie & Owen
5. LGLinda Gehring
6. KWKerry Whitmire
My pleasure to be a part of the fund raising!!

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