AFAN Path to the Cure Lobby Mural

For over 34 years, AFAN has been providing services for those living with and affected by HIV/AIDS in Southern Nevada. As HIV and its treatment has changed over the years, so has our organization. We have adapted to our clients’ needs and are constantly looking for ways to better our services. With our move to a new, cost saving and safer location on the horizon, we are reshaping again and setting our staff and clients up for success. This will allow us to provide the highest quality of service in 2019 and beyond. However, we can’t do it without your help, our vital supporters and sponsors.

AFAN is proud to announce a new opportunity to donate and make a difference. The Path to the Cure is an exciting way for you to impact the lives of our clients and become a permanent part of our new location for as little as $50. Our new lobby will feature a vibrant mural wall that includes a brick path with custom bricks and elements. Each brick will be imprinted with your name(s), a company name, a dedication to someone, or a name in memory of someone you have lost to HIV/AIDS. 

(Please note if you would like the imprint name to be in honor or memory of someone please add this to the MESSAGE section below. Otherwise the name will reflect the name on the transaction.)

Each sponsorship level will add a different element to the mural. Businesses can place their logos on the tree, hot air balloon, cloud, and sun level sponsorship.

Lobby Mural Options:


·         Brick on the Path $50 - $499

·         Bird $500

·         Tree $1000

·         Hot Air Balloon $2500

·         Corporate Cloud $5000

·         Sun Sponsorship (Only 1 available) $10,000+


Your donation is tax deductible. You will receive a receipt for tax purposes.

Contact us with questions 702-382-2326 or email

Path to the Cure printing is Sponsored by By Dzign. Visit their website

Together we make a difference. Thank you for your support!

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Recent Donations

LNLeila Nelson
$100.00 JBJohn Bowers
$25.00 STStephannie Tucker
$50.00 KKraft-Sussman Funeral & Cremation Services
CCCanyon Ridge Christian Church
This is a donation for the Toy Drive and not the Mural, however, this was the only place I could find to make a donation online. So please put the donation towards what is needed for the Toy Drive for this year.
$50.00 RGRobert Grenetz
$50.00 CSCheryl Schwartz-Grenetz
$1,000.00 WWeslie Rau & Dennis Snapp
$500.00 DRDavid Richards
In tribute to the wonderful efforts of Bugs & Rudy, Emily, Glenn, and the rest of the P&T team
I have already donated for this year. Preparing this account for next year's donation.